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The Librarians

5 Jan

I agree The LIbrarians hooked me on the first show.. Christian Kane did most of the hooking i should say.. as a Kaniac i wouldnt miss it!


Over the holidays, I got into watching a series on the Syfy channel at my Dads house. It hooked me pretty much immediately. The internet tells me that this is a successor of sorts to that other series, Warehouse 13. Which is a series that has been on my to watch pile for a while.

It follows a group of Librarians who are charged with retrieving and protecting magical artifacts throughout the world. The series kicks off with the actual library getting lost in space and time, so whilst the actual librarian is off out trying to find a way to bring it back, the trainee librarians and their guardian are in charge of protecting the world from uncontrolled magic. The episodes stand very well alone, and are eventually tied together into an overall story.

It’s cheesy, and it’s fun. More importantly, the entire first season is on Amazon Video…

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2015 Media in Review: ‘We provide…leverage.’

2 Jan

Great article abt Leverage with CHristian Kane

The Leisure Time Blog

Every now and again, there’s a show that’s so good it just grabs you by the face and says “Love me.” And you do, because how could you not?

leverage Leverage cast from left: Christian Kane, Gina Bellman, Timothy Hutton, Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf

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