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The Librarians S03 E02: And the Fangs of Death

29 Nov


We learned many lessons in last week’s season premiere episode of The Librarians. In this week’s episode, we learn never to rely on overly friendly, Canadian security guards or immortal trust falls.

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“The Librarians” Want To Help You Escape

12 Nov

Blog abt #TheLibrarians with #ChristianKane he is my personal favorite.. and my favorite actor/singer too!

The Collective Blog

Photo Credit: TNT

I won’t lie, it’s surreal to be sitting here writing about television, with the events that have unfolded in my country since this past Tuesday. If I were to be hypercritical I’d say it’s frivolous, people are being assaulted physically and verbally in the streets for the exact differences that make me love being American so much. And yet here I sit, talking about The Librarians.

You have to understand, I truly believe what we say when we criticize or compliment media matters. I co-founded because I believe that representation matters, I joined this blog as a contributor because I want to use my voice to elevate the shows that deserve it, and call out those that fail.

Large swaths of America are isolated. As a culture we tend to exist in homogenous self-selected bubbles. One of the only ways some Americans see people…

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